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Jambiani Pottery women making a fire to burn their pottery

Jambiani Pottery Women

Place: Jambiani
Date: 11 Oct-2018
Impression & Feelings: Meet the women in the village

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Sailing & snorkeling in Jambiani

Place: Jambiani
Impression & Feelings: Stunningly blue colors

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Swahili Cooking class with Okala in Jambiani

Swahili cooking class with Okala

Place: Jambiani Village
Impression & Feelings: Authentic, fun & tasty

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BBQ on Alis cliff in Michamvi

Place: Michamvi
Impression & Feelings: Stunning sunset

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Man carryiing a fish on his head after deep sea fishing in Kizimkazi Zanzibar

Deep sea fishing with the locals

Place: Kizimkazi
Date: 02 Jan-2018
Impression & Feelings: The real fishing experience

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Plate of Zanzibar fruit

Zanzibar fruit testing

Impression & Feelings: Packed with new flavors

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Your own private beach and seafood BBQ

Place: Unguja Ukuu
Date: 24 Mar-2018
Impression & Feelings: Your own paradise

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Makunduchi village tour

Place: Makunduchi- South Zanzibar
Impression & Feelings: Red clay huts. Banana plantations. Huge mango trees. A quiet slow life.

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Sandbank BBQ

Place: Pungume/Unguja Ukuu
Date: 20 May-2018
Impression & Feelings: A patch of sand in the middle of the ocean

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Inside the mangrove

Muugoni village and mangrove canoe

Place: Mangrove canoe
Date: 11 Apr-2016
Impression & Feelings: Mysterious atmosphere

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