About us

Real Experiences- Genuine People

Our mission is that in everything we do, we do it together with the community. Many of our tours is developed by the locals- that’s why you find them nowhere else, and we try to spread the work to as many as possible. It is Zanzibaris that do the tours, cook the food, drive the cars, take you in their boats etc.  This is the best way to transfer knowledge to the island and we are very proud it is working out so well. And that our guests contribute to Zanzibar’s development, get real experiences and meet genuine people.

We share our secrets
We set a pride in sharing our personal, sometimes secret,  favorites – beaches, food, villages, restaurants, roof tops, shops etc.  to make your trip different.

With us, you get access to parts of the island that are unknown to the big travel agencies and booking engines. At the same cost as if you would book yourself.

Our day tours
We work close to the community in sharing their island and we have developed several
tours offered only by lovezanzibar. We arrange pickup from anywhere on Zanzibar.


Helen Ingvarsson
Founder and Travel Designer partially living on Zanzibar. Helen knows Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba and off the beaten track adventures to Tanzania. Helen is constantly looking for new experiences to share with you and support the development of Women Pottery Group in Jambiani.
Suleiman Yahya
Guide and much more. Suleiman is born in Pemba( with 19 other siblings!) and went here to train and work in tourism industry. He can not only guide you on bike all around the island, he also know everything there is too know about fruit, make makuti roof, climb a coconut tree and all other traits valued on an exotic island. Suleiman is a certified guide and his endless funny stories is a guarantee that your day together will be much fun
Haji Haji Vuai
Guide and driver. Haji is our driver,  store builder, pet sitter and general fixer. Without him our life would be difficult. He is a trained guide at the Jambiani Tourism Training Institute and the one that would take you to the Makunduchi Village Tour to meet his family.  
Khamis Shaame
Guide. The first time we met Khamis we said” Him we want”.  His sparkling personality and  knowledge has helped many guests. Strong as an ox, physically and mentally, he is a secure and nice person  to be around. He can even to baskets from what Mother Nature offers us.  
Eddie Hassan
 Guide. Eddie inventedd the bike tour to Jambiani Spiritual Cave and he is also our man for the Fruit Tasting .  Born in Stone Town and with his family in Jambiani he knows both areas very well. If in Jambiani he can show you his white doves.


Travel design

  • Zanzibar Accomodation ( 80% )
  • Tour & Excursions ( 90% )
  • Secret places ( 70% )
  • Community development ( 75 % )

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