Our mission and heart

We do it together

Our mission is that everything we do, we do it with our heart. That means together with the community. Our tours are developed together with the Zanzibaris and we try to spread the work to as many as possible. We have found this is a great way to transfer knowledge to the population. This means our guests contribute to Zanzibar’s development in a true way, on an individual and national level.

In all we do we work close to the community. We develop activities so that the Zanzibaris
will gain knowledge and earn an income.  In most of our day tours a fee is paid to the village or the Conservation area. Our lunch boxes are made by the locals.

Plastic free  boat tours
On our boat tours with Mimi the dhow we have removed all plastics. In our strive to only use local natural materials we serve the food on wood plates and coconut bowls. Water is served from 20 liter refillable bottles.

Our employees are part of the Social Security system and their health care needs are covered