Mikumi and Uluguru Mountain

Mikumi and Uluguru Mountain

Lion at Mikumi

At our last visit this lionesse was luring in the grass. We were 5 m from her watching her hunt zebra.

Just 4 hours from Dar es Salaam lays Morogoro – the hub for  Southern Circuit safaris – Mikumi and Selous. These national parks are not as well known  as Serengeti and Ngorongoro yet they have a lot to offer in terms of wild life and experiences. And Morogoro itself is a lovely little village situated at the foot of the 2630 m high mountain Uluguru.

Uluguru mountain has stunning scenery and is inhabited by the tribe Waluguru. Every day they walk up and down the mountain to sell and buy products at the Morogoro market, go to school and to the mosque. In contrast to other tribes in Tanzania the women here are strong and land ownership pas through them.

On a 3 days trip you will cover Morogoro, Mikumi and Uluguru offering experiences equal to a week.

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Women att Uluguru

These women are on their way down the Uluguru mountain

Day 1
10.00 Bus from Dar Es Salaam to Morogoro ( if on Zanzibar we take 6.30 ferry)
14-15 Arrival at Morogoro.
16.00 Village tour in Morogoro- visit to local bar
19.00 Dinner at hotel

Overnight at Mama Pierinas **
Hotel Oasis ***

Day 2
06.00 Early simple breakfast before heading off to Mikumi. After two hours we reach the 75,000 square kilometer National Park Mikumi were the open landscape and plentiful wildlife resembles to the Serengeti Plains. You will see elephants, wildebeest, zebras, various monkeys, impala, buffalo, flamingos and a big variation of birds. There are lions here too and we will hang around the water pond to try to see them hunt- as we did at our last visit. There are also two hippopotamus ponds at Mikumi.

After a full day in the park we head back to Morogoro. Today we go out and eat to experience Morogoro by night.

Day 3
After a lazy morning we take a walk up the mountain. Maybe we take a motorbike a part of the way to be able to reach the waterfall about 2000 m up. If you want we can walk all the way up and down which will leave us with some leg pain and lots of encounters with the waluguru tribe and their life  in the mountains.

14.00 Bus back to Dar Es Salaam. Or depending on your flight we stay another night and take the morning bus back.

For the adventurous we can arrange for you to go alone on this trip. Or we arrange for a guide to come with you.

Zebras at Mikumi

The nature at Mikumi resembles the Serengeti plain

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