BBQ on Alis cliff in Michamvi

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On a coral rock hanging over the sea, at the top of the South East Coast peninsula, lives Ali with his family Liisa and Zulu. No water, no electricity but an amazing setting with both sunrise and sunset. Here we enjoy the food, the company and the nothingness.

If the tide allows we will walk 15 min to reach this paradise where Ali invites us for sunset over the horizon and hugs from the warm breeze. While we enjoy a cold drink and the peacefulness, and maybe a swim, Ali prepares a BBQ with the catch of the day, rice, chapati, vegetables and something else he surprises us with.

After the dinner that is finished off with exotic ripe fruit, we sit infront of the fire, the “Zanzibar TV” until we find it being time to return home.


Place: Michamvi
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 60 usd pp , min 2 pax

Price per person incl. transfer from South East Coast and BBQ with fruit dessert. Excl. drinks



Place: Michamvi
Impression & Feelings: Stunning sunset

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