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100 % natural beauty products at Mrembo Spa
Mrembo is a small unique SPA specialized in traditional  beauty products ad treatments from Zanzibar. Only locally grown spices, herbs, plants and flowers ( mostly of them grown by the SPA itself) are used. The founder Stefanie has spent many years learning from the Zanzibari women and studying the plants on the island. She has gathered beauty recipes being passed on through generations.
In this workshop, accompanied by Zanzibari Taarabmusic, we will do our own products and oils using only natural products grown nearby. While  sipping spice tea you recieve your henna painting.

There are also spice mix, tinga tinga painting and batik workshop.

Place: Stone Town
 4 hours

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Place: Mrembo, Stone Town
Date: 27 Apr-2016
Impression & Feelings: Love and culture

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