Makunduchi village tour

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Makunduchi village tour

Discover the beautiful authentic Zanzibar-untouched by tourism
Red soil. Red clay huts. Banana plantations. Huge mango trees.
A quiet slow life. This is Makunduchi. A typical African/Zanzibari village where life just goes on. And on.

We will take you through the gardens and plantations, bring up water from the deep well,
pass the school, look at some stunning clay huts with courtyard, see how they make charcoal ( even that they do beautifully), chat with the locals, check out the school and the hospital and try fruit and local specialities on the way. But first we start at the voodoo cave where the villagers go to sacrifice, burn insence and read the quaran in an attempt to heal their beloved.

We pick you up at your hotel ( if you stay in Paje,Jambiani or Makunduchi) and will bring the bikesif you like so we can cover the whole area with less effort. Smell, sound, warm wind and taste surrounding you.

Time: App. 3 hours

Annette Schmidt, June 15th, 2017 “It was really great! You get the chance to delve into real Zanzibar life! You meet people in their village and Haji is explaining about their daily activities…. for example, how they make ropes out of coconut shells. I can recommend this tour for everybody who wants to know more about authentic Zanzibarian way of life!
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Place: Makunduchi- South Zanzibar
Impression & Feelings: Red clay huts. Banana plantations. Huge mango trees. A quiet slow life.
  1. Karin Wingård /

    Travel is for me to come close to the local life and the people, rather than doing tourist things. So we found this tour and I can highly recommend it! It is even better than it sounds when reading. The visit to spiritual cave and talk to the old man responsible there was something different and real. And all the fruit we tried on the way was very good. Going slowly with bikes is a perfect way to cover the whole village

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