Mangrove tour with mango canoe

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Dug out mango Canoe in the  mangrove forest

Experience the mysterious mangrove canals

The ambiance in the mangroves is something different from the classic Zanzibar palm fringed white beaches. This is more of an unexpected experience. These salt water plants have complex root system that helps them to filtrate water and keep the beach from erosion. Explore the different types of mangrove trees and enjoy the variety of life over and under the water.

Our friend Rama lives in Muugoni and loves the forest surrounding him. On our way down to the mangroves Rama will shares his knowledge about the fruits and medicinal plants. You will see special trees and plants and also places where people goes to sacrifices if someone is sick.  

 Down at the shore our fisherman waits to bring us out in a dug out mango canoe- the way they still do on Zanzibar. Maybe we are lucky to meet some other fishermen on the way and see their catch of the day.

An off-the-beaten track adventure discovered by lovezanzibar

Place: Muugoni, close to the South east Coast
Time: app 2 h

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Place: The Mangrove Forest
Date: 16 Mar-2019
Impression & Feelings: Mysterious and impressive

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