Muugoni village and mangrove canoe

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Muugoni village visit and Canoeing in the amazing mangrove forest

A piece of the untouched Zanzibar – the mangrove forest
On the South of Zanzibar lies Muugoni, a lush and green area. Rama, a forest preservation enthusiast, will meet us and invite us to his and his friends homes.  You will come close the villagers, see how they live, cook, go to school  etc.

After the village tour Ramas invites you to his home for a Zanzibari lunch cooked by his wife Warda. You eat together as the Zanzibaris does before walking down to the mangrove forest.

On the way don to the mangroves, Rama will share his his knowledge about the fruits and medicinal plants.

The mangrove forest is a strange forest being able to live in the salty Indian Ocean. The atmosphere is completely different from the Ocean coast. When coming down to the mangrove our captain is waiting to bring us out with his traditional wood canoe daily used by the fishermen. On the way you will meet other fisherman out to catch the dinner for the day. The mangrove forest is a quiet and mysterious place.

An off-the-beaten track adventure discovered by lovezanzibar

Place: Muugoni, close to the South east Coast
Time: app 6 h

Tina Jönsson, November 2016 “Many impressions in one day! Love to see what life is like for ordinary people on the island, far from the tourist traps and hotels. And again … so great to see such happy children! If you want to experience something truly authentic without any tourists around this is the tour for you”
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Place: Mangrove canoe
Date: 11 Apr-2016
Impression & Feelings: Mysterious atmosphere

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