Sailing & snorkeling in Jambiani

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Sailing and snorkeling in jambiani

with traditional wood trimaran

The trimarans, ngarawa,  of mango wood are ubiquitous on Zanzibar. You see them everywhere predominantly being used for both private and professional fishing. As mango is a hardwood it resists water well so the main construction of the ngarawa is a dug out mango. The sail is made by fabric or even patched together rice bags.

Our captain will bring you out sailing on the river that is created between the sandbanks at low tide. Here you will be almost alone in Universe surrounded by the magic blue colors of the Indian Ocean.  We will visit the corals and do some snorkeling too. A great time in the amazingly blue sea is guaranteed.

Place: Jambiani
Duration: 3 hours

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Place: Jambiani
Impression & Feelings: Stunningly blue colors

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