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Spice Tour Zanzibar

Zanzibar is well know for its spices.In fact the islands prosperity is built on spice trade. Nowadays it is mostly cloves – grown on the island Pemba.

On a Zanzibar Spice Tour you will visit our favorite and the most authentic farm. There you will be given insight to the local life and find tropical fruits, spices and rare species of plants. Depending on the season you will see and taste vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, lemon grass, cloves, ylang ylang, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, tamarind, chili, oregano and many others. Learn about the properties and origins of each spice, and their use as medicines or in food and drink. Be sure to smell and taste everything on offer!

Spice Tour on the pioneer farm
The Spice Tour on bike ends with a lunch cooked by the women in the family and based on vegetables from their farm.

Spice Tour on bike
The whole area around the Spice Farm is amazingly green and lush. There are coconut plantations, orange trees and animals walking around. This allows for great biking experiences coming close to the villages, get the smell, the sounds, the air. On our way back we pass through a rain forest like area where the chance to see monkeys is big.

Place: Stone Town
 4 hours

Spice Tour on bike: 
Place: Stone Town
Difficulty:  2/5

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Tom, February 2018 “Just finished a half day Spice Tour booked through Helen at Love Zanzibar. Driver met us at Zanzibar Coffee House and drove us out to Botanical Garden/Spice farm , which is essentially a collection of all popular spice plants in Zanzibar (i.e. this is a Demonstration Garden). Haji showed us all around during a touch/feel/smell/taste tour. It ended with a homemade lunch of fish, rich, coconut sauce, bread, and red sauce which was just perfect! The whole tour could not have been better. If you like cooking or spices/extracts — do this tour you will not regret it!”. 

Place: Stone Town, Zanzibar
Date: 10 May-2016
Impression & Feelings: Smell, taste, see, touch

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