Stone Town Spiritual Night

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Night tour with spiritualism 

“Witch craft”, “voodoo”, “spiritualism”  is commonly practiced on Zanzibar. Zanzibaris go to the  witch doctor “Mganga” for advice, health issues or to put a spell on others.

The “Mganga”, use various methods: calling the spirit in using incense, read in the Quran or get advice writing Arabic in sand. We will visit Mohamed to experience an authentic spiritual session  You can ask for advice for life or a health problem or if you want guidance in life. Mohamed believes he has a spriit inside hi that he will ask for advice.

After the voodoo session we go out in Stonetown night. In the evening town changes its face. The smoke from the street barbeques is ubiquitous as people come out to eat and socialize when the temperature has cooled down. Often they start with a coffee in one of the many coffee corners. We stroll through town to finish our evening at the local food market Forodhani .

Place: Stone town
Time : app 3 h

A tour invented by lovezanzibar.

NOTE! This is not a lesson in spiritualism. This is a session as the Zanzibaris does it when they visit the mganga

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Place: Stone Town voodoo
Date: 25 Jan-2016
Impression & Feelings: Meet the witch doctors

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