Sunset cruise with dhow

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Sunset cruise with traditional dhow

Setting of by sail for a sunset cruise on the Indian Ocean with a traditional dhow is something truly special. With wind in the sail and a cold drink in your hand you cruise around while the sun casts amber gold over the land and sea. A red sun, horizon and the beautiful features of the wood dhow makes perfect photo opportunities.

Along the sailing we anchor for drinks and snacks. If you want you can dive and jump from the boat and enjoy the lukewarm Indian Ocean while the sun sets over the horizon

After the cruise you can stay for dinner at Karamba Resort before returning to your hotel ( food not included). Or Captain Maulid with crew arrange for you a seafood BBQ on the beach.

Place: Kizimkazi
Duration: 2,5 hours
The tour is private

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Sailing back in time
Mimi our very own dhow is a project to keep Zanzibari traditions alive. During the Spice trade, Arab and Indian merchants sailed to Zanzibar using monsoon winds. Still today the dhow is the main vessel to transport goods to Zanzibar using the same sailing methods as done thousands of years ago. 


Made by hand

Mimi was originally a fishing dhow and our carpenter Juma built the interior using only hand tools. Nails are handmade, sail sewed by hand. Mimi gets served only traditional maintenance methods- keeping the traditions alive.

Place: Kizimkazi
Date: 01 Feb-2019
Impression & Feelings: Gold casted evening

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