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Tumbatu island- something real

The inhabitants of Tumbatu island on the North-East coast of Zanzibar lives an isolated life and the island is powered entirely by solar panels, allowing them to be independent.
Everyone who is not from Tumbatu, even people from Zanzibar, needs a written permit by the village eldest to enter the island. This trip is a rare opportunity to experience something really authentic.

After a 30 min boat trip to Tumbatu island from Nungwi the Sheha (the village eldest) welcomes us. Voodo is still exercised on the island and the magic man “Mganga”
will do the “pururu”, future telling in sand and reading your signs, “mchanga”. As we walk on the island you will see the people plant and harvest their beans and peas. You will pass women in the water, surrounding the small fish with their net or collecting the crabs and clams on the beach.

There will be time for swimming and you will be served fruit and water on the beach. 5 USD/person is given to Tumbatu Island to support the community beside the rest of the fees being paid.

Place: Nungwi
Time : app 5 hours

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 Gottfried, March 2018 “The Tumbatu Tour is a special tour. My tour guide Khamis was born on Tumbatu and knows the people there. I spent some hours with Khamis and met many people who live there very simply. They are fishermen and farmers. A special highlight was a session with the voodoo priest Makame Kombo, who gave me a medicine against my sciatica suffering on the way. As an amateur photographer I had the opportunity to portray many people. Khamis could tell me a lot about the traditions and the history of the small island.
The agency Love Zanzibar is highly recommended. Before booking a trip, you will be well advised by the boss Helen. Even questions that are not directly related to booked activities are answered by Helen with great expertise. Thank you, Helen.

Place: Tumbatu Island
Date: 01 May-2016
Impression & Feelings: Something truly authentic

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