Uzi Island

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Uzi Island – the untouched Zanzibar

Uzi island is not involved in the tourism development and most of the Uzis are fishermen and paysants. The islands scenery is fascinating and lush with mangrove, banana plantations and huge mango trees. The island is part of a conservation area and is an eco system with sea weed, corals and a big variation of plants, and sea- and land animals.

Only reachable by boat or at low tide 
The island can only be reached by boat or at low tide when the only road to the island surfaces. Abdullah our friend will meet up and take us to his home.  Here we will ask someone to climb the coconut tree to pick us some madafuu, the young coconut frequently drunken for its purifying effects. Then we attach the family´s ox to the carriage to take an uncomfortable but highly authentic tour in the islands prime vehicle. We will visit the other village and do some tasting of local food and fruit on the way.

Lunch at home
Once back at Abdullahs home his wife and mother has prepared a lunch that we eat together in Abdullahs house. After that we go back to Unguja (which is the real name of Zanzibar- Zanzibar is the whole archipelago consisting of hundreds of islands) with a wood canoe and sail until we reach the mangrove where the paddle will be our engine. After a full day of impression we return home by car.

Place: Unguja Ukuu 
6-7 hours

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Place: Uzi Island - South Zanzibar
Date: 15 Feb-2016
Impression & Feelings: A true experience

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