Zanzibar fruit testing

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If you are lucky enough to be on Zanzibar in fruit season you will come across a variation of mangos ( around 15 on the islands). Not to mention the pineapple– so
intense in flavor it is bordering to coconut flavor. But all year around there is plenty of juicy fruit- some you have never seen before.

Juice is the nr 1 drink for a Zanzibari. Always freshly made. Mango juice with a hint of ginger. Passion fruit juice packed with vitamins. Avocado juice with lime (avocado is a fruit by the way). Add coconut milk and you get a Zanzibari Milkshake. In this exotic fruit tasting we will pick out all that is available at the moment- and make some magic. For sure
you will try fruit you have never tasted before. There will be juice and some othe rnice things that can be made of fruit.

The tasting will take place in a private lush garden


Place: Jambiani village
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 20 usd pp , min 4 pax

 Fruit please 


Impression & Feelings: Packed with new flavors
  1. Stina /

    This Exotic Fruit Tasting at The Garden Fruit Café in Jambiani is realy showing off all Zanzibars ripe and sweet fruit. We got various kid of juices that we never tried before. Then came an amazing fruit salad accompanied by cinnamon sugar and avocado cream scented with cardamom. Then an enormous fruit platea and it was very interesting to try some fruit we never have come across before: jack fruit & sour sop. We can highly recommend this to anyone that would like to indulge in exotic fruit. As a bonus you sit in a quiet lush garden surrounded by bird song and butterflies.

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