Pemba Ngezi Forest

Ngezi Forest on the north of Pemba is one of the last remaining indigenous forests and became a reserve in the 1950´s.  Once the forest covered the whole of Pemba and it is very similar to a rain forest. 50 m tall trees, eagles, Red Colobus Monkeys  (indigenous to Zanzibar) and Pemba Vervet Monkeys and a heavenly ambiance is what you get when walking around.

The lush Ngezi Forest  

Here, besides in Wete, you can also find the Pemba Flying Fox– known for its fox colored fur, looks like a small dog actually. 95 % of its population is found on Pemba .

Walks in Ngezi Forest

The forest has two natural trails- 1 hour or 4 hours. Also there are special walks for bird watching and night walks.  All tours are arranged at the entrance to Ngezi Forest.

Big bird in Ngezi Forest