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The West Coast of Zanzibar and Mangrove Lodge

West Coast Zanzibar Mangrove

The mangrove beaches is another beautiful story on Zanzibar

The West Coast of Zanzibar is another story from the East Coast. Another marvelous story. The beaches are not the classic “white sanded-palm fringed-turquoise-exotic- paradise” ones but has another charm with its rocks and mangrove trees – as around Mangrove Lodge. It resembles of Greece actually- and also of Pemba- the island north of Zanzibar( or Unguja as its real name is. Zanzibar is the whole archipelago).

Mangrove Lodge Zanzibar- beach entrance

Mangrove Lodge

Mangrove Lodge lies 20 min from Stone Town and is the perfect lodge for you who wants to be close to Stone Town combined with a beach. The lodge is surrounded by mango trees and talkative bush babies are keeping you company as you stroll around in the lush garden. The sounds from the forest creates a soothing atmosphere as you lean back against the cushions in the day beds overlooking the mangrove. We picked a guava just outside our bungalow and a mango on the grass- small treasures.

Zanzibar West Coast-Mangrove Lodge Beach

Things to do around Mangrove Lodge

The Spice Farms are so close you can bike there if you want. Aida at Creative Solutions 15min away is doing amazing projects of recycled glass- which can be visited in combination with a visit to the slave chambers (  where slaves were stored after the abolishment of the slave trade).

If you are up for a day trip you can stop at Kinyasini on your way to Mkokotoni. Mkokotoni is an authentic fishing village and the “harbor”( not quite as you are picturing a harbor) for ferries to Tumbatu ( filled with people, goats and bicycle) and dhow boats sailing to Tanga on the mainland. Kinaysini is worth a stop-by because of its genuine market and people.

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Seafood past at Mangrove Lodge, Zanzibar

Seafood pasta at Mangrove Lodge. Packed with calamari, octopus, newly caught fish and prawns


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