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Currency in Zanzibar
In Zanzibar, the currency is Tanzanian shillings or USD. You will be better of and get a better rate when shopping with TSH in the villages- fruit, soda etc.

We recommend to bring USD and change a part of it at the airport, best rate just at the parking payment. NOTE: 50 and 100 USD bills get a considerably better rate and all notes should be from 2006 and onward.

There are ATM’s for TSH at the airport and Stone Town.  There are no ATMs elsewhere and few places accept credit cards so make sure you have enough money if you go to the coast. USD you can change basically everywhere.

Ferry to Zanzibar
Fast ferries run frequently and they are safe and comfortable. The passage takes about 2 hours and costs 35 USD. Tickets can be bought at the harbor, but the ferries are quite busy so better buy tickets in advance. Let us know if you need help. Get more ferry info here

From Dar es Salaam: 7.00 9.30 12.30 3.40
From ZNZ: 7.00 9.30 12.30 3.30

Flights to Zanzibar
The flights to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam flies frequently. The flight takes about 30 minutes to the price of 70-80 USD per one way trip. There are several companies that fly to Zanzibar but the three largest are:

Precision Air

Zanzibar malaria
Malaria on Zanzibar is rare but exist. The best way to avoid malaria is to avoid the mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves, pants and mosquito repellent during and after sunset. On the coast where it is usually windy, the mosquitoes are fewer. If you are insecure about malaria medicine we advise you to talk to a doctor in your country.

Zanzibar is a safe and friendly island. However we recommend you to observe the same precautions as in your home country; do not walk alone in the dark, do not enter empty and scruffy places and do not walk around carrying everything you own.

Visa Tanzania & Zanzibar
Tourist visa you will get at the airport upon arrival in Tanzania or Zanzibar, and it is a quick and easy procedure ( no need to order in advance). The visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The price is $ 50 and is payable upon arrival. You need a national passport with a validity of at least 6 months.

If you arrive via Dar the first queue is for obtaining Visa. The second queue is for passport control. If you arrive to Zanzibar VISA and passport control is the same queue.

Vaccination Zanzibar- Yellow Fever Card
Vaccination against yellow fever is required by the authorities if you have been more than 12 hours in a country that has the Yellow Fever. Your vaccination card can be checked upon arrival if arriving from a country with yellow fever. This is not applicable to transfer via such country. Be prepared to show your ticket as proof of transfer. For other vaccinations check with the health care in your country.

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