Best restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants

Our personal favorite restaurants on Zanzibar here shared

Emerson on Hurumzi, Stone Town
Best roof top in Stone Town with 270 degrees seaview. Outstanding innovative kitchen basing their menu on the raw material in season. Both lunch and dinner takes your food intake to an experience

House of Spices, Stone Town
Here we go often, every second time we eat out. Consistent, interesting menue and an appetizier that makes you want to return.  Flawless service.  Expats favourite.

ZAnzibar restaurants The Rock

The Rock on the South East coast

Sharazad Boutique Hotel, Jambiani. 
Always innovative, many choices and lots of fruit and vegetables on the menu. We like it

The Rock, Bwejuu/Pingwe
Just a rock- and a restaurant. Very cool view!

Upendo, Bwejuu/Pingwe
Soulful and sexy and tasy food presented in themes: Indian, Japanese, Spanish etc. All with an interesting Swahili touch. The Rock just 40 m away offers a great view and cool pictures. Sundays are extra soulful with music and chill out.

Cinnamon Bar- Z Hotel, Nungwi . Amazing sunset spot and soulful cocktail place. Modern menu. Nice all over.  

Zanzibar Coffee House, Stone Town
Here you go for great coffee, big cakes and happy smiles. The lunch menu is tasty and made with love. Twice a week you can attend their coffee roasting with beans from their own plantation on mainland Tanzania.

Best Restaurants on Zanzibar Secret Garden

Secret Garden Zanzibar

The Secret Garden, Stone Town
A different dinner experience in between the walls at an old house interconnecting to the pride of Zanzibar- Emerson Spice.  A la carte Swahili BBQ.

Zanzibar Retreat, Matemwe
With great care for details and cooking- this is were we o for a real treat. Would rate it as one of the best restaurants on the island.

Abyssinian Maritime, Stone Town
Ethiopian, shared eating on big try with typical Ethiopian bread and many dishes to share. Do not miss the Ethiopian coffe coming with charcoal and pop corn.

Zanzibar restaurants Forodhani Park

Sugarcane juice being made in Forodhani Garden, Zanzibar

…and then of course the local food court Forodhani park not to be missed in the evening! Not so much for the food as for the experience.  Try  tea at Babuu Chai or something cooked in front of your eyes and hot, such as  shwarma or Zanzibar pizza.