Responsible Travel



Responsible Travel

Tourism has a big impact on Zanzibar- for good and bad. Responsible travel is about the choices we make when travelling – to respect and benefit the local people, their cultures, economies and the environment.

lovezanzibar commits to share real experiences, work close to the community and transfer our knowledge to the community we seek to explore.

This is what we do :
– Facilitate cross-cultural understanding by offering real experiences.
– Use restaurants and services that arevlocally owned and managed
– Purchasing gifts and other souvenirs from local producers
– Spreading the economic benefits to as many Zanzibaris as possible
– Careful usage of electricity and water
– No exploitation  of children, animals and endangered species
– Using public transport – as with some of our bike tours
– No use of plastic

Do´s and don’ts in responsible travel

You travel to experience something different? If showing respect and curiosity for Zanzibars culture and
traditions you will experience genuine connections with the people you meet along the way.

Alcohol is freely available but drinking it in public is an offense.

The Zanzibari children are adorable however if every tourist gives a pen or a book the begging behavior is encouraged with a possible result they rather beg then go to school .
If you want to give something to a school better to buy it here to support the community. If you want to contribute ask us how to do.

Cover up
Zanzibar is to 98% Muslim society and you will see all women are covered up. In the village and in Stone Town women should cover their shoulders and knees. Men should wear shirts. Being topless is forbidden.

Haggle and bargaining
Do not bargain for small things. Remember that paying properly is a gift disguised in dignity.

Indian Ocean
Immerse yourself in the turquoise sea but leave things as they are and just enjoy being around at the moment. Imagine if everyone touches the corals or take something from the sea? All beauty would soon be gone and destroyed.

You will take hundreds of beauty shoots of Zanzibar- immerse yourself in the fun. But ask for permission before taking pictures of people or private houses as many Zanzibaris believe their soul will be captured in the picture.

Plastic and batteries
If you bring plastics or batteries etc to Zanzibar, take it with you when you leave.

Rather than buying from the big hotels, support the local merchants to prop up the growth and pride. When buying your drinks, fruit and snacks from the local shop you get a real experience and support the local business initiatives.

Tipping We believe that people should be able to live from the work they do- regardless of tips. “Over tipping” and spreading money around send signals of travelers having an endless money pond to dig from. The minimum monthly salary is 150 USD- app 330 000 TSH. ( app 5 usd/day) Have that in mind when you tip.