Weather Zanzibar

Grey sky and green sea

weather zanzibar

Zanzibar is situated 6 degrees south of the equator giving a humid and warm weather all year round.  Weather patterns across Africa are becoming increasingly unpredictable, and the rain season can vary with a month. Nevertheless- it is always a high temperature.

November to April
Dry weather in Zanzibar. Sun almost every hour of the day.  During November and December there’s the short rains. Quick showers – but stil in very high temperature so they are not bothering.
Day: 30-35 degrees. Night: 28 degrees. Sea: 28 degrees.

April to May
Rainy weather. It can rain a whole day, or not at all.
Day: 24-29 degrees. Night: 22 degrees. Sea: 25 degrees.
Low season.

Dry weather. Perfect climate, not so humid.
Day: 25-30 degrees. Night: 22 degrees. Sea: 25 degrees.

Best wind conditions for kite surfing

For kiters the best winds are in January, February, June, July, August.
The wind then is around 14-18 Knots.

When is the best time to go to Zanzibar?

It depends- is the answer. What your interest is, where you want to go and why you are visiting. What one person likes may not suit another. For a beach holiday, the weather and climate is generally the most important factor. And if living in a cold country maybe the hottest season is the best.

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