Mafia Island


Mafia- snorkeling, whale sharks and authentic life

Mafia Island, along with Pemba, is known to be the best snorkeling and diving spot in East Africa. Apart from that it is a versatile island inhabited by the friendliest people. Around the main island itself there are many small and authentic islands to visit : Jibondo, Juani, Chole and Bwejuu to mention a few.

Interesting wildlife on Mafia
Mafia has mangrove forests and interesting vegetation and wildlife such as bush babies, wild pigs, blue duikers, genets, vervet monkeys tc. In the trees at Chole Island hang thousands of fruit bats hanging in the trees. And then there are the whale sharks.

Mafia Island Marine Park

This is the main area for snorkeling and diving- and you can go together doing both at the same time.  Its untouched reefs have a big variation of corals and over 400 species of fish. The small peculiar sea horse being one of them.

As visibility is great you are up for a truly great under water experience. Not to mention swimming with the whale sharks- the world’s biggest fish- up to 13 meter long.

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Seasons to visit: December-March and June – November
Season to swim with Whale sharks: October – March

Chole Island
Chole Island in Chole Bay is the place to go if you want to see how life is lived on an island in the Tanzania Archipelago. Chole was once centre for the slave trade and the ruins left are truly stunning.

Noticeable is the thousands of fruit bats hanging around the trees- fascinating and noisy.Down by the sea there is a small bar with amazing sea view at sunset. The bar is easily reached by the “ferry” close to Mafia Island Lodge or you arrange a lift with the guys on the beach.

Whale Sharks
The whale sharks is one of the main reasons to go to Mafia. This worlds biggest fish is seen on Mafia from October- March. You go out with a boat to spot them, it can take a few hours, and then you jump in the sea to swim over them when they effortlessly move cross the sea. Very impressive!

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