Pemba Island

Pemba the green island 


Pemba –  the greener and more quiet sister to Unguja

Pemba, is the sister of its more famous sister Unguja (most often referred to as Zanzibar). It is situated 20 min flight from Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam, in about 80 km from Tanzania mainland.  The love to this island lays in its quiet life and off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Rich birdlife, Ngezi Forest, secluded beaches and mangrove forests make this island well worth a visit. If you are into exploring the underwater world ( Misali Island for instance) this is one of the best, if not THE best, diving spots in the East African Region.

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Beach at an island near Pemba

And then there are these Flying Foxes, giant bats hanging around in the trees at Wete.

lovezanzibar has been to Pemba – covering the whole island with car. So we know how it should be done to get the most out of your Pemba days.  Take a look at our Pemba itinerary. 

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