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Makunduchi Village Tour

Makunduchi Village Tour

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Makunduchi Village Tour

Discover the beautiful authentic Zanzibar-untouched by tourism

Red soil. Red clay huts. Banana plantations. Huge mango trees. A quiet slow life. This is Makunduchi.


Zanzibars┬┤second biggest village and a typical African/Zanzibari village where life just goes on. And on. We will take you through the gardens and plantations, pass the school, look at some stunning clay huts, visit Mama Hassan that makes coconut rope, chat with the locals and try fruit and local specialities on the way.


We bring bikes so we can slowly bike around to cover the whole area. You can choose to bike back or go back with the bikes in the open vehicle.


We have child seat for 1-4 years old children

Tour includes:

transfer on the back of an open carry, guide, bike, fruit and local specialties, water and tour

App 3 hours:

Bring sun hat and sun block. It is adviced to cover knees and shoulders

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