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Stone Town tour

Stone Town tour

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Stone Town tour

Explore the culture, history and market

The life in Stone Town is vivid as people live their life in the streets– cooking food, playing bao, keeping their hens and just socializing all day through. We will pass Jaws corner were people sit down on the barazas (benches attached to the building) playing bao ( traditional board game).


Stone Town is unique with it´s mix of African, Arabic and Indian heritage and culture. When walking around you will see how they live alongside in this small old town bustling of life.


We will continue to Darajani market to see what is really going on there, behind the scenes. Along the way you will see, smell and hear the wings of history in the alleys. There will be an opportunity to buy spices the way the Zanzibaris does.


Pick up at your Stone Town hotel.
It is advised to cover knees and shoulders

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