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Taste Stone Town

Taste Stone Town

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Taste Stone Town

Meet the people through the food

Try the newly baked chapati and mandazi ( local doughnut) done by the women in Stone Town´s alleys. Taste the best Urojo (traditional soup).

Go treasure hunting finding the home made Zanzibar candy – ubojo, kashata, ufuta, balfin. Try the ubiquitous “mishkaki” (skewer) smoking hot from the BBQ.

Visit the bakery where they bake 200 bread per day over open fire, stop for the best juice in town and continue for a local lunch sharing bowls of octopus, fish, vegetables, mussels- the way Zanzibaris want it.

Indian/Arabic/African inspired food

Get inspired by the local food and ways of cooking.

Our guide takes you around the whirling alleys of Stone Town and share with you the local food customs of this Indian/Arabic/Africa inspired Spice Island.

Tour includes:

tour, guide, food and fruit tasting,
lunch with water.

App: 2,5 hours

It is adviced to cover knees and shoulders

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